Acrylic on wallpaper, found fabric, found laminate flooring, and found vinyl flooring; adhesive vinyl collages on board
127 x 135 x 145 cm
(50 x 53 x 57 inches)

This installation was made for the group exhibition Chypre 2010, L'Art au Présent in Paris. The exhibition explored issues relating to Cypriot culture. Using acrylic, I painted traditional Cypriot embroidery patterns on a variety of modern surfaces used in the home--vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, wallpaper and furnishing fabrics. I also made collages using adhesive vinyl. I found most of these surfaces at houses and factories in Cyprus. The specific pattern I chose looks like a flower. This flower motif was widely used in a specific type of traditional Cypriot embroidery (Lefkaritika). Embroidered works and objects utilizing this motif could be found in many houses in Cyprus up until the 1970s.

Photo by Vassos Stylianou.

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