Years Later (detail)
Adhesive vinyl collage on floor
500 x 500 cm
(196.9 x 196.9 inches)

Site-specific floor collage at Museo Memoria de Andalucía in Granada, Spain, September 2013

The work was completed during a residency at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Granada. Macael marble, which is extracted from quarries in Almería, Andalucía, is widely used as flooring in Granada. During my residency, I took photographs of damaged marble tiles I came across: at the University of Granada, at the building where I was staying, in public buildings, and at Alhambra. I bought adhesive vinyl resembling marble from local stores. I traced over the areas where the tiles had been damaged in the photographs I took. I then hand cut the vinyl based on these tracings. At the museum, I recreated all the damaged tiles I had seen by sticking the vinyl pieces on a section of the floor.

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