A Partial History, 2018-present (ongoing project)
Artist books of inkjet prints on matte paper, Found books from Koralia Christina Kassianidou’s book collection
Dimensions variable

For A Partial History, I re-create marks of usage and time found in old books. These are books from my late grandmother’s book collection and which belonged to my grandmother and great-grandfather. I “re-read” these books as material objects, paying attention to folds, creases, tears, stains, discolorations, and worm holes. These marks are traced by hand, scanned, printed, and recreated as artist books, or as alternative “history” books, documenting the history of use of each original book.

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A Partial History (Books 1 and 2), 2018
Artist books of inkjet prints on matte paper, Found books (Λεπταί Γραμμαί [Fine Lines], by Ioannis Kipiades, published in 1894, and Οικονομία: Πρακτική τε και Γενική [Practical and General Economy], by Demetrios Panagiotadou, published in 1816, Koralia Christina Kassianidou book collection)

Installed as part of Ar(t)chaeology: Intersections of Archaeology and Photography, curated by Elena Stylianou, Artemis Eleftheriadou, Yiannis Toumazis, Nicosia Municipal Art Center, October 19, 2018-January 12, 2019.

A Partial History (Books 3 and 4), 2018–2019

Archival inkjet prints on luster paper, Found books (Σύνοψις Γενικής Ιστορίας Εκτενεστέραν την Ελληνικήν Περιεχούσα: Συναρμολογηθείσα Προς Χρήσιν των Μαθητών των Ελληνικών Σχολείων [Summary of General History Including Greek History: Composed for Use by Students in Greek Schools], by D. Pandazi, published in 1882, and Εκλογή Ονομάτων και Ρημάτων Αττικών: Έκδοσις Γραμματικών Αρχαίων [Selection of Attican Names and Verbs, Ancient Greek Grammar], by Thomas Magistrou, published in 1883, both books from Koralia Christina Kassianidou’s book collection), Artist books of inkjet prints on matte paper

Installed as part of Spacing Rehearsal, solo exhibition, Moreau Center for the Arts, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, February 6-March 6, 2019.