How to Know: A Space / Πως να Γνωρίζεις: Ένα Χώρο
With a contribution by Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra
Published with the support of Thkio Ppalies
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-9963-2301-0-5

First published as part of the exhibition How to Know: A Space, May 26 to June 17, 2016, Thkio Ppalies Artist-led Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus

How to Know: A Space is a bilingual artist’s book (English and Greek) revolving around ideas of space, translation, representation, knowledge, and experience. It involves a fictionalized conversation between characters—human and non-human—all of whom approach the question of “how to know a space” from several points of view: architecture, engineering, mathematics, visual art, theater, and fiction writing, among others. The fictionalized conversation draws upon actual conversations the author carried out with people from various fields, with authors via their published texts, and with spaces. One part of the conversation is actual and involves a dialogue between a text written by Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra and a text written by the author.