Marble Obsession, 2013
Adhesive vinyl collages, found vinyl flooring, pencil on vinyl flooring, oil on canvas paper mounted on board
Dimensions variable

Installed at 6 x 6 Center for Photography, Limassol, Cyprus, September 2013

This installation was originally made for Museo Memoria de Andalucía in Granada, Spain. The work was completed during a residency at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Granada. Marble, especially Macael marble, which is extracted from quarries in Almería, Andalucía, is widely used as flooring in Granada. During my residency, I collected leftover vinyl flooring and old flooring samples that imitated marble from local stores. I used these pieces for the floor installation. I also made paintings imitating this fake marble (which, in turn, imitates real marble). One of these paintings is placed over the piece of vinyl flooring it imitates. The pieces leaning against the wall and the piece installed on the wall are adhesive vinyl collages based on tessellations found at the Nasrid Palaces in Alhambra. I used a vinyl design that approximated marble in order to recreate the tessellations. For each collage, I cut, by hand, pieces of vinyl based on the found design and placed them over an intact piece of vinyl. I tried to have the two layers match so that the marble veins flow almost seamlessly on the surface. Originally, the installation was placed on a marble floor, juxtaposing real with photographed and painted marble and enganging with a trompe l'oeil effect.