One Dimension Lower, 2018
Solo exhibition, Yes Ma’am Projects, Denver, Colorado, USA, May 26–June 23, 2018

The works responded to the space’s basement dwellings in an almost geological manner, isolating, recreating, and modifying marks, images, and materials. In Back to Blue, I gradually “erased” the flowers printed on the readymade fabric by submerging them in blue paint marks. This covering up was done in stages, one color at a time, reversing the printing process that brought the original image into being. In the site-specific collage Untiled, I recreated the marks left on the wall after the faux tiles placed on it were removed. The original marks and the recreated marks begin to form a decorative pattern on the kitchen walls. Floor Paintings and Stain Paintings recreate natural patterns and accidental marks while transforming them into painted images. Floor Paintings are based on the floor of the gallery while Stain Paintings recreate stains found on my studio’s floor. Masquetry V and Faulty Samples IV, both parts of ongoing series of works, involve interventions on found wood, laminate, and patterned fabric. The interventions hover between disrupting and recreating wood rings and printed patterns while interweaving the artist’s marks with natural and mechanically produced marks.