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Solo exhibition, Thkio Ppalies Artist-led Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 13-November 3, 2018


Dotted Lines, 2010-present (ongoing series)
Paper collages with A4 lined writing paper
21 x 29.7 cm each collage (8.3 x 11.7 inches)

Maquette I, 2018
Pine wood, dimensions variable

Exhibition supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. Special thanks to Emilios Kassianides for his valuable help with the construction of Maquette I.

Dotted Lines is an ongoing series of collages. I punch holes out of lined A4 paper and glue the punched out chads on other sheets of the same type of paper, reconstructing or disrupting the existing lines. The choice of a hole puncher directly relates to the paper, its use, and its existing holes. When gluing the chads on lined paper, I try to either recreate the existing lines, even if imperfectly, or disrupt and redirect them. From some distance away, one cannot clearly see the glued pieces but only a slight disturbance on the surface. The collages are installed on Maquette I, a three-dimensional drawing in space that recreates, disrupts, or redirects actual and imaginary lines.

Text written by Maria Petrides on the exhibition (PDF)