Rain, 2016
Acrylic medium on glass
140 x 132 cm (55 x 52 inches)

Site-specific installation, Municipal Social Housing Buildings (now abandoned), Limassol, Cyprus. Exhibited in Limassol: The Aftermath of Development, curated by Maria Lianou and Alexandros Christophinis, October 3-27, 2016.

The work involved recreating raindrops on the dusty windows of an abandoned building. I recreated the raindrops by painting on the inner side of the glass, right behind the traces that past raindrops had left on the external side of the glass. The painted raindrops follow the positions, shapes, and sizes of those accumulated traces. To make my marks, I used acrylic medium, which dries clear. The painted raindrops will never evaporate and disappear. Instead, they create an uneven texture on the glass that can be felt via touching.